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6 Things to Know About Sinuses

Six Things to Know About Sinuses

With sinuses all around your head, it’s important to know what they’re all about and how they cause congestion.

Sinuses are Good Kind of Cavity

They’re a good kind of cavity

Sinuses are pockets in the skull and facial bones. Thanks to their hollow nature, we’ve got a little less weight on our shoulders. Nice!

Sinuses Keep Things Damp

They keep things damp

Sinuses are lined with a layer of mucus that helps moisten the air we breathe in, so our noses don’t dry up like a desert floor.

Six Things to Know About Sinuses: Pressure

They bring on the pressure

When allergies cause mucous membranes to swell, they block your sinuses. This makes it hard for sinuses to drain, and your head feels full of pressure.

Six Things to Know About Sinuses: Loud & Clear

They make you loud and clear

When they’re healthy and clear, sinuses are empty spaces, giving your voice more resonance. When filled with mucous, they make your voice more muddled.

Six Things to Know About Sinuses: Snot

That’s snot all

Sinuses help trap the bad stuff we breathe in, like dust and germs. Then, that bad stuff drains into the nasal passage, and bam! You’ve got snot.