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How Rhinocort® Compares

Not all nasal allergy sprays are the same. RHINOCORT® gives you powerful congestion relief that is scent-free and alcohol-free, with a lower spray volume than Flonase®. Learn more about the differences between RHINOCORT® vs. Flonase® and others below.

Brand RHINOCORT® Comparison Chart RHINOCORT® Comparison Chart RHINOCORT® Comparison Chart
Active Ingredient   Budesonide   Triamcinolone Acetonide Fluticasone Propionate
24-hour Relief of
Nasal Congestion,
Sneezing, Runny
& Itchy Nose
check check check
Blocks 6 or More
Allergic Substances
check check check
Non-Drowsy check check check
Scent-Free check check X
Alcohol-Free check check X
From the Makers
check X X
Lowest Volume
per Spray
check X X