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How to Use

Here’s a quick guide on how to use RHINOCORT® Nasal Allergy Spray for allergy relief all day and all night. Be sure to read everything before using, and remember, more in-depth instructions can always be found in the RHINOCORT® packaging insert by clicking here.


Getting a new bottle ready for use (AKA, primed).

Preparing Bottle

You need to prime a bottle if it's brand new or if you haven't used it for two consecutive days. To prime the bottle the first time, shake gently, remove the protective cap, hold the bottle firmly and pump for 8 sprays. The pump is now ready to use.

If not used for more than two consecutive days, keep pumping until a fine mist appears. If you don’t use it for more than two weeks, rinse the spray tip using instructions in step 5 below and then re-prime until a fine mist appears. Now you’re ready to use your RHINOCORT® Allergy Spray!

How to Use It
Clear Your Nose

1. Clear your nose

Gently blow your nose to clear nostrils.

Shake Bottle

2. Shake the bottle

Shake bottle and remove the cap.

Bottle Position

3. Position the bottle

Hold the bottle firmly and insert spray tip into one nostril. Close the other nostril with your finger and tilt head slightly forward so the spray will aim toward the back of your nose. Remember, DO NOT spray towards the center of nose.

Spray into Nose

4. Spray

To spray, press down quickly and firmly on nozzle, and breathe gently inward. After spraying, tilt your head back slightly for a few seconds. Repeat for other nostril. And, after spraying, avoid blowing your nose for 15 minutes. Remember to wipe the tip with a clean tissue before re-capping, and store upright.

Clean Spray Tip

5. Clean

Wipe spray tip with a clean tissue and replace outer cap. For a more thorough cleanse, remove cap and gently pull spray tip away from bottle. Wash the cap and spray tip in warm water only. Let everything air-dry completely and then reassemble. Finally, spray away from face until a fine mist is produced.
If the spray tip becomes blocked, it can be cleared by repeating these steps. Do not unblock the nasal applicator with a pin or a sharp object.