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Common Allergy Symptoms in Children

When your kid is sniffly, stuffy and sneezy, it can be hard to tell exactly what's causing all the not-so-fun symptoms. Here are some ways to see if your child might be suffering from allergy symptoms. The more information you have, the better you and your child can communicate with your pediatrician.

Suffering with Child Allergies

Suffering for a few weeks

If your child has been suffering from what seems like a never-ending cold for more than two weeks, it may be allergies. Allergy symptoms in kids will linger while pollen or allergens are in the air.

Kids Allergy Symptoms

Child allergy symptoms

Allergy symptoms in children usually present as a runny or itchy nose, sneezing, and sometimes congestion.

Signs of Allergies in Kids

Translucent, thin mucus

Generally, mucus from allergies is clear and very thin, like water. Children infected by colds usually produce thicker, yellowish mucus. Have your child blow into a tissue and let your pediatrician know at your child's next appointment.

Are Allergies Genetic

Look for cues

Are your child's allergies worse in the spring or fall when outdoor allergies are rampant? Is your child always rubbing their nose, also known as the "the allergy salute," or are you finding surprises of dirty sleeves in the laundry? Noticing these kinds of things can help give you clues as to whether or not your child is suffering from allergies.

Does mom or dad have allergies?

If one parent has allergies, kids have a 50% chance of having allergies and up to a 75% chance if both parents suffer from allergies. That means if you or your partner are suffering from allergies, so is your kid.