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How to Use a Nasal Spray with Kids

Helping your child learn how to use a nasal spray can be tricky. Here are a few ways to help put your child’s mind, and your own, at ease. And for step-by-step instructions on how to use a nasal spray, visit our How to Use section.

How to Use Kids Allergy Spray


Show your kid how Children's RHINOCORT® works. Before using it, let her take a look at the bottle and pump it for her a few times to let her see how the spray comes out. Explain that it will be gentle on her nose with its fragrance-free, alcohol-free formula and gentle mist. Make it a light hearted conversation and let her ask questions.

How to Use Children’s Allergy Spray


The more comfortable your kid feels, the easier it will be to administer the nasal spray. So let them nestle into their favorite chair or give them a special toy or book to hold, to help them feel most comfortable. You can also have your child practice inhaling while spraying the bottle in the air, so she can get an idea of all the actions involved.

How to Use Kids Nasal Spray


Create a positive reinforcement system to encourage your child to use their children's nasal spray every day and remind them of the relief it brings. Some ideas are to hang a sticker chart on the wall, or keep track with a "Nose Notebook". Remember to talk to your doctor after your child has been using it for 2 months.

How to Use Children’s Nasal Spray


Talk to your child about how they feel after using their nasal spray, to make sure it’s providing the relief they need. Clearly explaining the benefits of the nasal spray will help reinforce why it’s important to use daily. And with this consistent use, they will be back to feeling better in no time.